Bodyboarding is great fun and one of the most accessible surf sports. But there are plenty of dangers you need to be aware of, even if you’re an experienced boarder.

Hidden rip currents can pull even the strongest boarders out to sea. It’s easy to injure yourself on the jagged rocks hidden beneath the waves and tides can leave you stranded. In 2015, RNLI lifeguards responded to 883 incidents involving bodyboarders in British waters.

  • Always bodyboard between the red and yellow flags. It’s easy to be caught out in the sea.
  • Always wear your leash and hold onto your board if you get into trouble - it will help you float.
  • Always bodyboard with a mate, especially in big swell. Look out for one another.
  • Check the local forecast for wind, tide and swell.
  • Follow safety advice from Surfing GBThe British Bodyboard Club and Irish Surfing.