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Around 190 people accidentally die at the British and Irish coasts each year, with around half never intending to go into the water in the first place. 

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. Respect the Water is a vital part of the RNLI's work to halve coastal drownings by 2024. 

How you can help

Everyone can play a role in helping the RNLI prevent drowning.

Look out for Respect the Water adverts in cinemas, on billboards and online and listen out for it on radio stations across the UK and Republic of Ireland this summer.

Watch the film, share it with your mates, and use the hashtag #RespectTheWater on social media. 

Remember there are two simple pieces of advice that can help save lives this summer – float to live and call 999.

The more people are aware of this advice, the more chance everyone has of staying alive.

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Who's helping us?

We’ve partnered with athletes from the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) to help our drowning prevention messages be seen and heard by more people. Watch the film to see how we’re working together.

We are continuing our work with the LADBible this year, to raise awareness among young men. Watch one of the LADBible’s films below.

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