Spread the word about #FloatToLive

We want to ensure everyone knows two essential water safety skills: how to float and to call 999 or 112 when someone’s in difficulty.

You can help us do this by sharing the RNLI’s social media posts and using these lifesaving resources online and in your community. Join the conversation online using the #FloatToLive hashtag, and #ArnofiwchiFyw for Wales. Click the links below to open the downloads in a new tab.


Social media:


To add the 'Float to Live' profile frame to your Facebook profile picture, log in to Facebook, visit this link and search 'RNLI Respect the Water.'

You can also add this cover image to your profile to spread the word: 

Download - English version (JPEG, 901KB)

Download - Welsh bilingual version (JPEG, 479KB)


Help your followers #FloatToLive with this header image: 

Download - English version (JPEG, 715KB)

Download - Welsh bilingual version (JPEG, 204KB)


Use this channel art to start conversations: 

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Print out these Respect the Water posters and put them up around your school, college or office:

Download - English version (PDF, 203KB)

Download - Welsh bilingual version (PDF, 251KB)



Use these Respect the Water leaflets to give people more information on how and why they should #FloatToLive:

Download - English version (PDF, 258KB)

Download - Welsh bilingual version (PDF, 373KB)